Friday, July 27, 2012

Men's Shirt to Boys Shorts

I love thrifting and garage sales.  They are a great source of creativity.  Recently I found this shirt made beautiful green plaid.  It was a size XXL and you know what that means, lots of fabric.  Better yet it was only 50 cents. I knew I had to make a pair of shorts from this shirt.

The only problem was that it had a big stain on the bottom front.  I figured I could work around it.

So I deconstructed the shirt.

Cut out my pattern and sewed it together.

I had planned on using the front pocket as a rear pocket for the shorts, but with an XXL shirt comes an XXL pocket.  It was much too big for a size 4 shorts.

I ended up using it as a side pocket instead.  I think it worked out perfect. 

And there you have it.  A totally cute pair of shorts from a men's shirt.  This pair will be added to my collection for Hopeful Threads July project.  Shorts pattern by Fishsticks, Mud Puddle Splashers.


  1. The shorts look great and you've matched the plaid so well!!!

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  3. Hey Jill! Just replied to your comment about the pictures and wanted to be sure you saw it. :) There wasn't an email linked to your profile for me to respond directly. So glad you saw some of the shorts you made with the lil' guys they were made for! :) Thanks so much for sewing along!